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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Aesir Kids

The Aesir Kids by James Goldin & Charlotte Goldin

About the Book

Title: The Aesir Kids | Authors: James Grant Goldin & Charlotte Goldin | Publication Date: May, 2013 | Publisher: Basilisk Books | Pages: 384 | Recommended Ages: 8 to 12 Book Description: They're the children of the Norse gods, with incredible strength, magical weapons and monsters for pets. They've got problems with school, bullies, family issues and attacks by giants. And when Asgard, the home of the gods, is threatened with utter destruction, it's up to the children of Thor, Sif, Loki, Freya, Balder...along with some very extraordinary save it. THE AESIR KIDS tells the story of...
THRUD, the pre-teen daughter of Thor, who has to balance fighting trolls and giants with her after-school job waiting tables at Valhalla... FIRE, young master of flame, the son of the three mysterious Norns and perhaps the key to saving the Nine Worlds... MAGNI AND MODI, Thrud's younger brothers, whose strength is matched only by their knack for getting into trouble... ULL, the greatest skier of the gods...except for, maybe, SKADE, the four-year-old goddess of skiing... TJALFI, the human boy who can run like the wind... ROSKVA, Tjalfi's sister, who can hear something happening many miles away... FORSETI, the level-headed son of Balder, who's as good with a bow as he is with a written test... NOSS, the beloved daughter of the Goddess of Love... HELA, the sensitive little girl who hates her destiny of growing up to be the Goddess of Death...
Along with other gods, godlings, light-elves, trolls, dwarfs and creatures, these young heroes must find a way to save the universe...and find the core of courage within themselves. THE AESIR KIDS is a fantasy novel based on many actual characters from Norse mythology. It's the first published collaboration between author James Grant Goldin and his ten-year-old daughter, Charlotte Goldin.

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The Aesir Kids was an absolutely fabulous novel perfect for MG and YA readers. It is full of highly descriptive text allowing the reader to picture the different worlds, people, and what was going on with great ease. Even with my extremely limited knowledge of Norse mythology I could follow along with the story and plot lines with ease. I was able to keep all the characters straight, which can sometimes be difficult with mythology.There was enough action and humor to keep the novel constantly interesting. It had me engrossed and was difficult to put down. I sincerely hope this becomes a series and we are given more stories of these awesome kids. The Aesir Kids sparked within me an interest in Norse mythology that I will have to now try to feed.


The Buzz About the Book

"This is a great novel for boys and girls aged 9-14. It is a fantasy story based on Norse mythology. It has a unique plot that sets it apart from other similar books. Kids who like the Percy Jackson and/or the Lord of the Rings series will enjoy this book. Highly recommended by my 11 year-old son who is a voracious reader." ~ Hilary C., Amazon
"Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings with a Norse twist, highly recommended." ~ Shirley, Goodreads
"I like my fiction to be fast paced, educational, humorous and free of immune system stimulators. Check x 4! A ripping good read." ~ John B., Amazon
"What a fun read. I'd recommend it to any tween or adult." ~ Autumn D., Goodreads
"I really loved this book! It had plenty of adventure and action, and there were all sorts of characters. Anyone who likes Percy Jackson, Greek Mythology, or of course Thor/Avengers will like this book. I recommend it highly!" ~ Correne K., Amazon

About The Authors: James Grant Goldin & Charlotte Goldin

James Goldin and Charlotte Goldin 
James Grant Goldin is a TV writer whose work has appeared on The History Channel, The Discovery Channel and elsewhere. He first became interested in Norse mythology as a child, and was lucky enough to eventually pass that interest on to his daughter Charlotte. They would make up games based on Norse myths, and those games were the basis of their first full-length collaboration, “The Aesir Kids.”

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