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Friday, February 28, 2014

Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm A Super Villain

Author(s) Richard Roberts
Publisher Curiosity Quills Press Genre(s) Fantasy Superheroes Adventure 
Age Range 12+
Release Date February 14, 2014 ISBN 978-1-62007-463-3 

Penelope Akk wants to be a superhero. She's got superhero parents. She's got the ultimate mad science power, filling her life with crazy gadgets even she doesn't understand. She has two super powered best friends. In middle school, the line between good and evil looks clear. In real life, nothing is that clear. All it takes is one hero's sidekick picking a fight, and Penny and her friends are labeled supervillains. In the process, Penny learns a hard lesson about villainy: She's good at it. Criminal masterminds, heroes in power armor, bottles of dragon blood, alien war drones, shape shifters and ghosts, no matter what the super powered world throws at her, Penny and her friends come out on top. They have to. If she can keep winning, maybe she can clear her name before her mom and dad find out.


I've been writing for a long, long time. A long, long, long time. Do you remember when dirt was invented? I was using it to scratch out stories. Getting published was harder, but now I'm hooked up with Curiosity Quills and I have real books in paper, and you should buy some!

As a writer my fascination has always been children's literature, especially children's lit that is also adult lit. For some reason, this means that instead I write gothic light romance for fun, and very dark and tragic young adult books for passion. I love seeing the world through the eyes of strange people, and I believe that happy endings must be earned the hard way. There's a reason my friends started calling me Frankensteinbeck.

I could talk about how great my writing is until I turn blue, but I should let an expert do that for me. Check out the Kirkus Review for Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Teeth!


Amazon Kindle Edition

Review: Backward Compatible


  Book Trailer

Book Blurb:

Not too long ago, in a town that, depending on your current location, is either not super far or actually quite close…

It is a time of chaotic hormones.

Two nerdy gents home for winter break have discovered a female gamer at a midnight release.

During the break, the gamer trio manages to reveal the game’s secret boss, a hidden enemy with enough power to destroy anything in its path.

Pursued by other gamers who want to be the first to beat this boss, George and Katie race to level up, and, in so doing, restore decency and sexual activity to their personal galaxy…


“These graphics suck,” George says and I look back at the screen. We’re standing in the middle of

the Estate, colorful orbs quivering ahead of us. We each have to choose our starting advantage. Waterfalls

shimmer in the distance and the sunlight streams over multicolored stones in the courtyard.

“Amateurs,” Lanyon concurs. “I mean, they couldn’t have five waterfalls?”

“Your ironic wit is mind blowing, but choose your damn orbs,” I tell them. I consider. Magic,

defense, offense, stealth, and charisma. I always go for magic as a black mage, but I wonder if a druid

needs something else. Screw it. I need charisma in real life, too.

“Charisma?” Lanyon asks. “No one ever picks charisma.”

“We’re a party of a thief, druid, and a bard. We’re screwed regardless.”

“You two underestimate the mighty power of my lute,” George argues.

“Did you start with charisma?” Lanyon asks.

“Hell, no. I have charisma in spades. I started with stealth.”

“Great. A stealthy bard,” I sigh.

“She’s right,” Lanyon concedes. “We’re screwed.”

However, it actually isn’t bad at all at first. We power through the Estate and make it to the Yobanaria

Dale with no resurrections and all at level ten. I’m impressed. George hasn’t actually fought anything, but

he has some pretty awe-inspiring charm mastery already. I think I might have a serious crush. He seals the

deal when he buffs my hailstorm spell without even being asked.

“Can you guys watch El Thiefelo? My mom wants me to eat supper,” Lanyon says.

“Yeah, we’ve got it,” I tell him. “The first boss is in the elven ruins anyway, so we should grind a bit.

I think he’s a twelve.”

George and I explore the Dale, taking out bats and Joba spores. It’s fairly quiet, except for when we

combo with his charms and my spells and he yells out, “Eat lute, bitch,” but it’s nice. We work well,

almost inherently understanding each other. I’ve never been able to play this effectively with anyone. I try

not to think about his eyes. Stupid boys, being cute and stuff.

By the time Lanyon comes back, we’re all at level 12, although Lanyon leveled up just by standing

by a door while we played. Still, we are ready to take on Balsa the Proud. As a black mage, it took me

about nine seconds. Trees don’t like fire. However, druids don’t have the same level of black magic and

all elemental magic is weakened by the need to draw from the elements nearby. Sadly, trees seem to avoid

storing fire runes in their villages. I expect this to be a little more challenging. It might even take fifteen


“First boss. Also known as the freebie bitch to sucker the young folks into a false sense of security,”

Lanyon announces as he runs into the center of Balsa’s lair. The cinema plays and then, in a moment of

pure absurdity, El Thiefelo is squished as Balsa steps on him.

“Can someone revive me?” Lanyon whines.

The Gamer Nerd's Love Song


    Hold on to your controllers my gamer friends, because Backwards Compatible is going to blow you away!

    I picked up Backwards Compatible as a bit of fluff to read before bed because I was having trouble falling asleep, this was a mistake.

    First I told myself "I'll just read until I am really tired out" but when I realized that I didn't want to put the book down I gave myself until 50% on the Kindle. I was at 61% when I realized I had passed my promised spot to put the book down. Then my Kindle died. "Good!" I thought to myself, "Now shut the light off, close your eyes and go to sleep." The next thing I knew it was dawn and I was squinting at my phone under the covers as I read the last page of the book.

        Backwards Compatible tells the story of Katie and George from both of their POVs. Katie is a girl who would rather stay at home leveling up her character than shopping and trying to get a guy. George is the gamer guy who would probably love having a girlfriend, if he could figure out how to get one. They meet by chance at the midnight release of their favorite video game when they both reach for the same copy of the game. I was laughing through the entire book and rooting Katie and George on all the while. Scenes that made me laugh or smile were highlighted as I went because I was so excited that they were referencing things I loved! George, his best friend Layon and Katie felt like my new best friends as the book went on. I wanted to dress up and go to midnight movies and stay up having grind fests with them too!

    Girl gamers that would rather stay up late gaming then worry about spending hours getting ready for a date will love Katie. She's foul mouthed, snarky, and insecure while at the same time this amazing package of informed, nerdy, competitive chick that doesn't mind your embarrassing family or even more embarrassing best friend. She can hold her own with the guys in game but doesn't really get dating. At one point after a horrific date she states, "That's it. I'm only dating Browncoats from now on." How many of us have said this to ourselves after a bad date or breakup? I know I have! Reading Backwards Compatible I kept thinking about how this is a chick I would want to raid with and how she could definitely fill the role of BFF quite nicely in my life.

    George and his best friend Layon are kind of a package deal. Where George goes, so goes Layon. Which can be difficult when you want to go on a date. The two exude the kind of love that only comes with best friendship and provide laugh after laugh. Rude and obnoxious at times you can't help falling in love with these two. George's anxiety about dating is relateable and humorous. His sweet DIY gifts to Katie will have you swooning over him right a long with her. Layon's cheesy pick up lines and ability to ruin the mood will have you groaning as you root for him to find someone to date as well.

    I loved that although yes this is a love story between Katie and George Backward Compatible shows that Geek love is it's own thing. Geek love extends to the love of video games and awesome movies but most of all geek love is about friendship. Throughout my life my bond with my geek friends has always be the strongest and fiercest love I have ever had among friends. Maybe it's because we through our hearts completely behind whatever we love be it game, book, film or person. As Katie and George fall for one another they gain the friendship of some amazing, kick-ass people a long the way. Friendship is the most important love you can have in your life and Backward Compatible not only makes that clear but is chock full of it.

    Backward Compatible lost some of my love when I read a scene about Katie going on a date with a really pushy guy. We all know that there are people out there that will be agressive on dates and will try to pressure you sexually. Katie didn't really stand up for herself and let it go way to far before she spoke up. This was meant to be a humorous scene but the creepiness of her date and her allowance of his behavior was gross and went on too long.

    There is also A LOT of cursing and trash talk in Backward Compatible, but it is done  humorously. If you can't handle the type of language you would hear while planning COD you may want to stay away from this one. I thought that it was used somewhat excessively and about half of it could have been cut out. But if that doesn't bother you and you love video games, geek culture and a good quirky love story you should definitely pick this one up!

Rating: 4.5/5

Buy Links:



Amazon UK:





About the Authors:

Sarah Daltry:

Sarah Daltry writes about the regular people who populate our lives. She's written works in

various genres - romance, erotica, fantasy, horror. Genre isn't as important as telling a story

about people and how their lives unfold. Sarah tends to focus on YA/NA characters but she's

been known to shake it up. Most of her stories are about relationships - romantic, familial,

friendly - because love and empathy are the foundation of life. It doesn't matter if the story is set

in contemporary NY, historical Britain, or a fantasy world in the future - human beings are most

interesting in the ways they interact with others. This is the principle behind all of Sarah's stories.

Sarah has spent most of her life in school, from her BA and MA in English and writing to

teaching both at the high school and college level. She also loves studying art history and really

anything because learning is fun.

When Sarah isn't writing, she tends to waste a lot of time checking Facebook for pictures of cats,

shooting virtual zombies, and simply staring out the window.

She has written several books, most notably Bitter Fruits, an urban fantasy in the Eden’s

Fall series, and the Flowering series, including Forget Me Not, Lily of the Valley, and Star of


Sarah’s Website:
Sarah’s Facebook:

Sarah’s Twitter:

Sarah’s Favorite Video Games:

1. Borderlands 1 and 2

2. Fallout 3

3. Persona series

4. Eternal Darkness

5. Silent Hill series

6. Final Fantasy series

7. Skyrim

8. Dragon Age series

9. Mass Effect series

10. Fable series

11. Bioshock series

12. Magic: The Gathering

13. Perfect Dark

14. Heavy Rain

15. LA Noire

16. Parasite Eve

17. Catherine

18. Zuma

Pete Clark:

Pete Clark likes writing, animals, potato chips, and cheese. Midnight Riders is his first published

novel, although he can also proudly say he finally finished Helix Crashing, the fantasy novel he

has been working on for over a decade. In addition, he has written Across the Barren Landscape,

a collection of linked Western short stories. He also writes plays, both dramatic and comedic.

When he is not writing, Pete tends to ignore everyone around him and obsess over sports.

Pete’s Website:

Pete’s Facebook:

Pete’s Twitter:

Pete’s Favorite Video Games:

1. Bioshock

2. Resident Evil 4

3. Uncharted 2

4. Eternal Darkness

5. Goldeneye

6. Ms. Pac Man

7. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

8. God of War III

9. Dead Space

10. Silent Hill 2

11. Infamous 2

12. Portal

13. Defender

14. Super Metroid

15. Mass Effect

16. Castlevania

17. Call of Duty 4

18. Dragon Warrior

19. Perfect Dark

20. Arkham Asylum

21. Limbo

22. Rogue Squadron 2

23. Medieval

24. Parasite Eve

25. The Walking Dead

26. Metal Gear Solid

27. Team Fortress 2

28. Kagero: Deception 2

Thursday, February 27, 2014

FLAWED by J.L. Spelbring Book Blast

In a world where Hitler won the The War, and perfection is constantly sought, Ellyssa has broken free from her austere life and has found another meaning for her existence.

Family, friendship, and love.

But her happiness is short lived. Ellyssa finds herself on the run, again. Her father's work didn't die with him, but lives on in her siblings, Aalexis and Xaver, and they are determined to complete his unfinished dream.

FLAWED BY J.L. Spelbring 
Book Two in the PERFECTION series.
Paperback, 400 pages
Expected publication: August 12th 2014 by Spencer Hill Press




Praise for PERFECTION...

"This book is seriously so unique and amazing it's mind-blowing!" ~ Lauran Hammond

"Wow! That was my initial reaction after finishing Perfection. This is without a doubt one of the most well thought out, cleverly-written and unique books I have ever read." ~ K-Books

"4 stars - Chilling and provocative, these characters will get to you." ~ Stuck In Books

Available on


You can request an ARC copy of FLAWED 


Please read the TERMS & CONDITIONS at the bottom of the rafflecopter before entering.

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J.L. Spelbring - lives in Texas, where she wanders out in the middle of the night to look at the big and bright stars. Besides knocking imaginary bad guys in the head with a keyboard, she enjoys being swept away between the pages of a book, running amuck inside in her own head, pretending she is into running, and hanging out with her kids, who are way too cool for her.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Faking Normal!


If you follow the Library of the Seen you know we have been celebrating the release of Faking Normal for the past week. Well the novel is finally on sale and I couldn't be more excited!

Today we wish Courtney C Stevens a very Happy Book Birthday! Abd be in the look out as we continue celebrating the release of Faking Normal in the upcoming weeks!

About Faking Normal

Alexi Littrell hasn't told anyone what happened to her over the summer. Ashamed and embarrassed, she hides in her closet and compulsively scratches the back of her neck, trying to make the outside hurt more than the inside does. When Bodee Lennox, the quiet and awkward boy next door, comes to live with the Littrells, Alexi discovers an unlikely friend in "the Kool-Aid Kid," who has secrets of his own. As they lean on each other for support, Alexi gives him the strength to deal with his past, and Bodee helps her find the courage to finally face the truth. A searing, poignant book, Faking Normal is the extraordinary debut novel from an exciting new author-Courtney C. Stevens

Purchase Information:

About The Blue Haired Boy

Set before the events of Courtney C. Stevens's debut novel, Faking Normal, this digital short story focuses on Bodee Lennox, otherwise known as the Kool-Aid Kid.

Bodee Lennox has secrets. About where he got the four-inch scar on his leg. About the bruises on his back. About what it's really like to live in the Lennox household. These are things he doesn't share with anyone . . . until he meets Gerry, a girl with bright-green hair and a smile the size of Alaska. When Gerry falls out of a bus in Rickman, Tennessee, and lands at Bodee's feet, she gives Bodee two things he desperately needs: a friend and a chance to leave Rickman behind, even if it's just for a few hours.

He joins Gerry on her epic bus trip for as far as his money will take him. And by the end of the day, more of Bodee has changed than just the color of his hair.

About Courtney C Stevens

Courtney C. Stevens grew up in Kentucky and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She is an adjunct professor and a former youth minister. Her other skills include playing hide-and-seek, climbing trees, and being an Olympic torch bearer. 

Courtney has sent me all sorts of goodies to giveaway as we celebrate the release of Faking Normal! 

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Review: Don't Even Think About It





 We weren't always like this. We used to be average New York City high school sophomores. Until our homeroom went for flu shots. We were prepared for some side effects. Maybe a headache. Maybe a sore arm. We definitely didn't expect to get telepathic powers. But suddenly we could hear what everyone was thinking. Our friends. Our parents. Our crushes. Now we all know that Tess is in love with her best friend, Teddy. That Mackenzie cheated on Cooper. That, um, Nurse Carmichael used to be a stripper.

Since we've kept our freakish skill a secret, we can sit next to the class brainiac and ace our tests. We can dump our boyfriends right before they dump us. We know what our friends really think of our jeans, our breath, our new bangs. We always know what's coming. Some of us will thrive. Some of us will crack. None of us will ever be the same.
So stop obsessing about your ex. We're always listening.


When I was invited to read Don't Even Think About it I was so excited! I really wanted to read this one. I love books about normal kids getting weird powers and having to learn to deal with them. I even posted on Facebook how excited I was to read the book. And then I read it. I stayed up until 5 a.m. reading it. I was so very disappointed.
    Don't Even Think About It follows multiple characters. Which makes sense since the kids can all hear one anothers thoughts. I liked that the story was told from a hive mind point of view and this is about the only thing I liked about Don't Even Think About It. But it didn't necessarily work as the story flipped from person to person and the thoughts that were bombarding them and how they were handling their new found telepathy. The Hive mind also sounded like it was one teen girl narrating the events that took place and not a single group. It was a good try but it didn't work.

    Although the novel is about all 22 students that received the flu shot and developed telepathy the story focuses on Mackenzie Feldman, Cooper Miller, Olivia Byrne, Tess Nichols, and Pi. Mackenzie and Copper are kind of the "it couple" on campus. Mackenzie is gorgeous but she isn't kind hearted and she self sabotage. I can relate to that I am a big self sabotager. But she thinks so many hurtful things about her best friend, she lies and cheats and seriously hurts Cooper. I just couldn't like her no matter how much I tried. Copper is funny and sweet. He is one of the few characters I found likeable and enjoyed reading about. Olivia is shy and self conscious but really very sweet and smart. She deals with a lot of home issues and she to is likeable but the way she is written she doesn't pop of the page like a real character. Everything feels very forced. Tess fulfills the roll of self conscious side kick and her whining and moaning kind of got on my nerves. I wanted to slap her and tell her to grow a pair. And Pi. Pi is just a selfish, manipulative and domineering personality. I disliked her most of all.

    So I was disappointed. I thought I was going to love this book and I just didn't. Maybe I went in with my expectations too high. This is a book you would grab to entertain you on a plane or the bus or perhaps you might shove it in your beach bag. If you read it I hope you enjoy it more than I did!

Rating: 2/5


The Headhunters Race Book Blast


Sixteen-year-old Avene was sentenced to prison at thirteen for a crime she didn't commit. Now she has a chance to win her freedom back – if she enters the Headhunters Race. Second prize isn't so bad either, an upgrade to the Leisure Prison if you make it to the finish line. To win either prize, Avene and the other prisoners must navigate one hundred and fifty miles of dense forest, desert, and worst of all, cannibal territory.
With a mechanical collar timed to strangle the prisoners if they're not back in nine days, Avene allies herself with seventeen-year-old McCoy, another prisoner that insists on helping her at every turn and a boy she's trying hard not to fall for. Together they battle nature, other prisoners, and the timed death collars to win the coveted prize. But when Avene is tested with one deadly conflict after another, she realizes there is more at stake than winning her freedom – first she has to survive.  

Excerpt from The Headhunters Race

This excerpt is from the day the race starts and Avene is getting ready.

Hours later, when the birds start chirping, I know it's almost time to wake up. I get out

of bed and change into my special clothes. The ones I've been saving for this day: a sturdy pair

of jeans and a man's blue flannel shirt. Underneath I wear my white fitted tee-shirt, depicting a

crudely drawn skull. I added the crossbones bearing a set of daggers with a nearly dried-up

marker I found a year ago. It represents my mantra for the race: stay away from me or I'll kill


I tie my sheath around my thigh, re-lace my boots with longer and sturdier cord I found

on a pair of men's boots in the goodie two shoes clothing pile, and then gulp down several

handfuls of water. I wipe the droplets from my mouth while I pace like a caged panther. A few

minutes later I slug down another five handfuls before I remember to fill my water bottle.

Zita leans up on her elbow. "You're sure you want to do this?"

"I have to, Zita. It's our only way out. The only way we'll be free."

She throws off her cover and leaps to her feet. "Well, we better do something with that

hair. They'll start calling the prisoners out soon."

Zita snatches our slop container from the table. She fills it with dirt from the corner and

mixes in a bit of water. "I'm not sure how well this will work," she says, stirring it with her

finger. "Sit."

I sit on the ground cross-legged at her feet. She kneels beside me, takes a small lock of

hair, and rubs mud all through the strands. The stringy tresses stick together, cold and wet

against my cheek. After one side of my head is finished, she steps back and surveys her

work. "Nope, this isn't working. Your roots are still too light."

"Why don't you wash her whole head in it?" says McCoy.

I stiffen. Leave it to him to think of dunking my whole head in mud.

"You're a genius!" says Zita. She grabs my arm and pulls me to my feet. "Help me," she

says to McCoy and I cringe at the thought of him touching my head when I'm a direct

competitor. He might send his ninja blade across my neck.

He grabs the sink, half full of water, water I need to drink, and dumps three quarters of

it into the corner. "Hey, I need to drink that!" I say.

"You can drink ours," says McCoy.

Right. I'm not going to drink theirs. He'd love that. Especially now that he's going to have

to hunt on his own and the only way he knows how is by poaching off me.

Zita stops short of pouring in handfuls of dirt. Instead she goes to the fire pit and scoops

out gobs of ash. She swishes it around with her fingers, stares at it like she's not satisfied, and

goes ahead and dumps in a handful of dirt anyway. "Okay, bend over, girl."

I lean over the sink while Zita pours the murky mixture over my hair and massages it in.

It's gritty and gross.

"Hand me that old shirt in the corner," says Zita.

I'm looking upside down at McCoy while he retrieves the old shirt she uses as her dust

rag. She wrings out my hair and then places the shirt over top and squeezes out the excess

water. "I wish I had a comb," she says, flipping my head up and steering my behind back to the


"It's okay, I can use my fingers," I say.

McCoy dashes into their room. "Boom has one, hold on."

I lean my head back in defeat. He's determined to help me, to make me feel obligated to

help him in return, but his niceties aren't going to work on me.

Author Bio

Kimberly is the mother of two awesome kids, wife of the nicest man in the world, and her dog's best friend. She works by day and writes middle grade and young adult science fiction and fantasy novels in her spare time. She lives with her family in the beautiful Sonoran Desert.
Social Sites
Website     Goodreads     Twitter     Facebook     Blog   Amazon

Rafflecopter Giveaway Code:

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cover Reveal: Desire by PT Michelle!‏

Release Date: 04/01/14

Summary from Goodreads:
Now that Nara and Ethan
are working together to uncover the Corvus’ secrets, they’re confident nothing
can stop them.

But while they’ve
learned to anticipate dark, outside forces gunning for them, neither is
prepared for the insidious evil that slithers its way into their lives, nor the
new challenges that surface so close to home.

Despite all the chaos
and turmoil around them, the one constant they can depend on is their devotion
and loyalty to each other. But as their relationship moves into deeper
territory, sometimes the toughest battles are the ones waged within.

While the hunt for
answers unravels more layers in the Corvus world, Ethan and Nara uncover new
truths about themselves and their intricate connection to the powerful raven

When boundaries are suddenly redrawn and control shifts, Ethan and Nara
will be forced to make choices that could bring them closer together or rip
them apart forever.

Books in this series:

(covers linked to Goodreads)

 photo ethan_zps856392e5.jpg
 photo brightestkindofdarkness_zps37595052.jpg  photo lucid_zpsd02b0538.jpg  photo destinypt_zpscec99147.jpg

About the Author
P.T. Michelle is the
young adult and new adult pseudonym of Patrice Michelle, author of fifteen
romance novels and novellas. When P.T. isn’t writing, she can usually be found
reading or taking pictures of landscapes, sunsets and anything beautiful or odd
in nature.

Author Links:
 photo iconwebsite-32x32_zps1f477f69.png  photo icongoodreads32_zps60f83491.png  photo icontwitter-32x32_zpsae13e2b2.png  photo iconfacebook-32x32_zps64a79d4a.png  photo iconpinterest_zps6fcf02a7.png

Cover Reveal Organized by:

Cover Reveal Perfectly Messy by Lizzy Charles!

Perfectly Messy
Release Date: May 2014

Summary from Goodreads:

Popularity isn't everything it's cracked up to be. Justin Marshall
knows this better than most. For the captain of the basketball team, small business
owner, and son of Minnesota's next governor, life can get pretty overwhelming.
But Justin can handle anything as long as he has Lucy, the girl who fell for
the man he’s trying to be.

But for Justin and Lucy, finding time together proves challenging. Stolen
kisses and whispered promises just aren't enough. That is, until scandalous
photos of the couple are leaked to a press intent on creating a juicy scandal
during Justin's dad's gubernatorial campaign. And when Lucy becomes fair play
for the tabloids and gossip pages, Justin does the only thing he can to protect
her: he breaks her heart.

For Lucy, junior year is everything she hoped it would be: new friends, second
chances, and a boyfriend she can’t stop kissing. That is, until the boy she’s
pretty sure she loves chooses the life his family wants for him, over her.

Now it’s up to Lucy to teach him what it really means to have everything.
Because for Justin, being who everyone needs him to be just might cost him the
one person he can’t live without.

Book One:

(linked to Goodreads)

About the Author
When Lizzy Charles isn’t scrambling to raise her two spunky toddlers or caring for premature and sick babies as a neonatal intensive care nurse, she’s in a quiet corner writing or snuggled up with a novel and a few squares of dark chocolate. Black tea keeps her constant and she loves guacamole. She married her high school sweet heart, a heart-melting musician, so it’s no surprise she’s fallen in love with writing contemporary YA romance novels.

Author Links:
 photo iconwebsite-32x32_zps1f477f69.png  photo icongoodreads32_zps60f83491.png  photo icontwitter-32x32_zpsae13e2b2.png  photo iconfacebook-32x32_zps64a79d4a.png

Cover Reveal Organized by:

Monday, February 24, 2014

STALKERS Book Blitz & Giveaway

Jason Brant

About Jason

Jason Brant grew up in the mountains of western Pennsylvania
where he eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana
University of Pennsylvania.
After spending more than half a decade working as a Digital
Forensics Analyst contractor for the Department of Defense, Jason prefers to
spend his time writing and watching movies.
As a Steelers fan living outside of Baltimore, Jason and his
wife Erin spend most of their days dodging flying cans of National Bohemian
Beer being thrown at them by Ravens fans.

Stalk Jason

Read More from Jason


“Mr. Ryan! Such a pleasure to
see you again!” The desk clerk beamed at me across the counter.
My head swiveled around,
inspecting the rest of the lobby behind me.
I was the only one in there. The
clerk waved at me, beckoning me over to the front desk.
“I was afraid we wouldn’t see
you again!” A broad grin cracked his serene demeanor.
And then it clicked.
This man thought I was James
Ryan, former second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers. After last season
concluded, the Brewers traded James to the Marlins. But you’re already aware of
that, aren’t you?
That’s why you’re here.

The Shadow Soul Book Blitz!

The Shadow Soul (A Dance of Dragons, #1)
Release Date: 02/20/14

Release Date:
GAME OF THRONES meets GRACELING in a new fantasy series by bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis.

Jinji has been haunted by the death of her twin brother for ten years. Now, on the dawn of her joining, the nightmare that claimed him has returned for her.

Prince Whylrhen is determined to prevent the past from repeating itself. His kingdom is expecting a new heir, and he will stop at nothing to keep the child safe.

Though they've never met, the two share a deep secret—magic. Jinji can weave the elements to create master illusions and Whylrhen can pull burning flames into his flesh. But neither of them knows what they are truly capable of until a chance encounter brings them together. For their story has played out before, in a long forgotten time—an age of myth that is about to be reborn…

**On-Sale February 20th, 2014!**

About the Author
I've always been a writer. I grew up duct taping my novels together, started writing complete manuscripts in high school and studied creative writing at Johns Hopkins University. Upon graduating, I decided it was finally time to actually give my dream career a chance. So, of course, I started writing a young adult paranormal romance series -- and no, I'm not jumping on the bandwagon. I've been a true paranormal supporter for my entire life! I blame my obsession almost completely on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, my all-time favorite television show. And, before you ask: Yes, I own every season... even the post WB ones! I especially challenge anyone to watch the first three seasons and not fall in love with Angel, securing a lifelong love of vampires! Other culprits of my paranormal obsession are some of my favorite authors: JK Rowling, Raymond Feist, Meg Cabot, Richelle Mead, Lynne Ewing and Tamora Pierce.

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