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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wicked Betrayal Review, What's on Chelsea's Desk and Giveaway!


SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)
The clock is ticking. Alex’s time is running out.

Spring has hit Hazel Cove and with it, the pressure of Alex’s impending fate as Liam’s sacrifice is weighing upon her every thought. There’s so much to do and so little time. How do you stop an ancient pure blooded witch?

But Liam isn’t Alex’s only problem. She must focus on what she can fix in the little time she has left. She must confront the past and the horrible betrayal Ethan suffered at the hands of a once trusted ally. Alex will do anything necessary to save Ethan. Even brave a trip to the supernatural capital of the world - New Orleans.

Voodoo, Hoodoo, witches and spirits are nothing compared to the evil Alex will face in the backwoods of the Louisiana bayou. Will Alex’s desperation to save her family and friends pull her closer to the darkness?

Who can Alex trust? Will James’ connections as a witch hunter help or hurt her? Can she fix her relationship with Peter? Or will the deep seeds of betrayal shatter Alex’s life?


With this installment of New England Witch Chronicles I have to admit that Alex's story is getting more sinister! She has even more mysteries to solve and some hard, and dark, decisions to make. As she is coming more into her powers we see that, although about a witch, the New England Witch Chronicles is a coming of age story at heart. Facing relationship issues, questions of morality,and the age old question "Am I good or evil?"


You may believe that that isn't a normal question a person coming of age may ask themselves but I assure you it is. Did you ever gossip as a teenager? Stab someone in the bacl? Make fun of another? Or steal someones boyfriend or girlfriend? Lie or cheat on a test? And in doing so wasn't your happiness a bit sullied with the though, "Am I a bad person?" How is that any different than Alex wondering if she may be evil?

Overall I loved this installment in the series. I thought Liam was a great character and loved how he was developed. An amazing villain for the series. Alex's growth and struggles are wonderful and the love triangle is still going strong! It has everything I could want for a Halloween novel!


With Chelsea Bellingeri

I'm a minimalist - so right now on my desk I have my Mac, a rough draft of Revenge & the Zombie Apocalypse (Book 3, Zombie Apocalypse Trilogy), a lamp, a glass of water, my enormously-giant day planner and lead paperweight with the famous Benjamin Franklin quote: "Either rewrite something worth reading or do something worth writing."

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