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Monday, October 27, 2014

Conjured Review, This or That & Giveaway!



SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)
After the disastrous fallout on Halloween and the tragic events that followed in the Hazel Cove Cemetery, Alexandria is left picking up the pieces of her broken life. Peter is adjusting. James hates her. Grandma Claudia is gone. Emma is incoherent. Victor went rogue. And Gamma still wants her dead.

If that wasn't enough to deal with, two burning questions are driving Alex insane. Who committed that horrible murder in Salem? And what really happened to Ethan?

Alex has come to terms with her new life, but she's yet to truly understand the ramifications of being a pureblooded witch in the supernatural world. And now there is a new danger on the horizon. Alex must find a way to fight. To survive. To protect her remaining family members and her closest friends from an unthinkable new enemy. One much more powerful and much more horrifying than the Gamma witch hunting fraternity.


Things are strained in Alex's life when we first meet up with her again and we are soon on a magnificent journey to solve mysteries, figure out these powers and fight injustice in book two of the New England Witch Chronicles. It's in this book that New England Witch Chronicles really hits it's stride and I was delighted to ride the roller-coaster that is Alex's life. She's like a supernatural Nancy Drew who faces a lot more danger!

Chelsea Bellingeri did a magnificent job of further developing her characters. It's hard to pick a favorite since everyone brings something great to the table but it certainly isn't difficult to figure out who you don't like or trust!

I had to buy Conjured as soon as I finished New England Witch Chronicles. Bellingeri's world of witches and secret societies is absolutely captivating and always leaves you wanting the rest of the story! Once again I read the book in a day, I just couldn't put it down!

A perfect read for the Halloween season! 

RATING:  4/5 Stars


Daytime or Nightime?   Daytime—early morning!
Coke or Pepsi?    Coke
Coffee or Tea?   Definitely, coffee
TV Shows or Movies?   Movies
Standalone Books or Series?   Series!
East Coast or West Coast?  East Coast
Beach or Mountains?   Mountains
Witches or Warlocks?  Witches (of course!)
Sabrina (The Teenage Witch) or Sam (From Bewitched)?  Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Trick or Treat?  Treat!



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