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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

And I think to myself, What "A Wonderlandiful World"



When a mysterious being from Wonderland begins to infect Ever After High with a strange magic, everything goes topsy-turvy. The students transform into animals and objects, palace mice talk, and the beautiful green grounds on campus fade to black-and-white. Lizzie Hearts, Wonderland's future queen, Cedar Wood, daughter of Pinocchio, and Madeline Hatter, heir to the Mad Hatter's Hat and Tea Shoppe, seem to be the only ones who haven't completely lost their heads. It's up to them to save their best friends forever after from a curse that threatens to give their school-and their lives-a very unhappy ending.


Fair warning to all readers looking to hear more about Raven Queen and Apple White, they are not the focus of this story! They are in the story, but they aren't the stars. Instead we get to hear a lot more about Lizzie Hearts, Madeline Hatter, Cedar Wood and Kitty Cheshire. 

I really like how Shannon Hale teaches writing techniques throughout the novel. She instructs on similes and story construction through conversations between the Narrator and Maddie. She also teaches about Empathy through Lizzie Hearts, which is always an important and sometimes confusing lesson. Major kudos to her for those things!

Although she may not be the nicest of the characters I simply feel in love with Lizzie in A Wonderlandiful World. I saw a lot of qualities I find in myself in her. And I must admit that I felt so so sorry for her. Ever After seems really confusing for all of the Wonderlandians, but especially for Lizzie. She always feels like she is in her mother's shadow, always striving to be just like her. To do everything as the Queen of Hearts would do it and following her mothers advice to the letter. She never wants to be seen as weak, or confused, or less then perfect. That is a lot of pressure.

Lizzie also seems so lonely. She misses her home. The world that makes sense. She misses her mom, and garden. It would be really hard to be away from home and never know if or when you can go back. This would definitely be a great book to give your reader if they will be going away to school or camp and might get homesick. 

The lessons taught in A Wonderlandiful World are important and timeless. That everyone needs friends, that being a hero means to choose others before yourself, and that we all have something to offer. The way the girls banded together to help one another was simply wonderlandiful! 

The ending to this one was a bit odd and a little disappointing. But I won't tell you more than that! (I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.) Besides that this story was probably my most favorite in the series. I am sure that it will remain a favorite forever after.  


“When Hopper there gets tongue-tied, he turns into a frog. Briar is so determined to miss a second of life before her hundred-year snooze that she stays up all night and then is napping randomly all day. Holly’s and Poppy’s hair grows, like, twenty feet a day. Cerise never takes off her hood. Ashlynn is all nature-girl and one with the animals and trees-unless you wave a pair of new shoes at her, and she absolutely loses her mind. Every time Hunter strikes a heroic pose, trumpets play a fanfare. Invisible trumpets. Who plays them? And why? And…how? And I don’t even have to mention Maddie. So you’re made of wood and can’t tell a lie. So that’s a little weird. Look around! We’re all weird.” -Raven Queen, A Wonderlandiful World



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