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Friday, January 2, 2015

A Look at The Kingdom Lights!


In a world where cities float, airships sail the skies and mythical creatures are summoned in a pinch…Celes Vale is distinctly average. Living in the shadow of his talented cousin, his powerful aunt and uncle, Celes is resigned to his future of soot, factories and well, more soot.

But on the night of his twelfth birthday everything changes. A blinding light, a whispered voice and in an instant Celes becomes the first ordinary child in all of history to develop magic, sending him on a fast track ticket to Gardarel, the greatest of the floating cities.

Though some welcome Celes others want the dirt-ridden up-start off their city – preferably head first. Nowhere is this clearer than in beautiful and haughty Lady Ban and her sneering nephew Marcus Blackwood. But Blackwood, with his gang of goons and unimaginative one-liners, is soon the least of Celes’s problems.

With a little magic and a lot of detective work, Celes unravels the dark truth behind Lady Ban’s prim, perfect smile – an alliance to the villainous Wardens and the masked man who leads them. But in his bid to expose Lady Ban, Celes unwittingly stumbles on to an even darker conspiracy – the complete destruction of Gardarel itself.

The Kingdom Lights was very entertaining. It was easy to get into and kept my attention and made 5 hours at the ER actually bearable.

BUT it was also extremely predictable. Which was disappointing because there were some really interesting elements to the novel that I hadn't really seen elsewhere. There were great messages about life and friendship and some really intriguing characters and concepts. The world that was created seems fantastic. But everything seems surface level. Very 2D and flat when there was so much that could have been expanded on.

I have read a lot of books that remind me of Harry Potter and usually that's a good thing but in this case it was just way too similar. It didn't seem as original as other tales.

But I did enjoy it. And if you are looking for an interesting read and want something similar to Harry Potter or if someone in your life is then I would say give this a try.

RATING: 2.5/5 stars based on originality and predictability a 3/5 stars for enjoyment





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