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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review: The Distance Between Us

 The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us was a great little romance that at times reminded me of both Pretty in Pink (sans ducky) and Gilmore Girls.

    Caymen Meyers lives with her mom in the apartment above their doll store. They are all each other have in the world since Caymen's rich father ran out on her before her mom could even get the words "I'm pregnant" out and her grandparents disowned her mom after hearing the very same phrase. But they haven't needed anyone else for 17 years now. They may be poor and Caymen may have to work hard but they are happy.

    Then Xander Spence comes into Caymens life and despite the fact that he comes from the world of the rich and shes a shop girl, and in spite of all her mother taught her about staying away from the upper class, Caymen finds herself falling for him.

    Ok, so how can someone say something is like Pretty in Pink sans ducky? The Distance Between Us reads like this generations "Girl from the wrong side of the tracks" anthem, just as Pretty in Pink was in the 80's. Many of the characters in West's novel are similar to those we meet in Pretty in Pink though I personally think that West's characters are a lot more likeable. 

    Kasie West introduces a character, Mason, that Caymen's best friend, Skye, sets her up on a blind date on. He has the potential to be a cool version of the ducky character but her simply isn't built up enough. I think that it would have actually added a lot to the story if Mason and Caymen had a deeper friendship but alas it is not and in my opinion this was a missed opportunity.

    The reverse prejudice that pushes the plot of The Distance Between Us forward is superbly written. You fall in love with both Caymen and Xander as Caymen lets her walls down and learns about both herself and love. A terrific romance and great summer read.

Rating: 4/5

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