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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review: Lilly Noble & Acutal Magic


Lilly Noble & Actual Magic is written in the vein of the Harry Potter series.

    Lilly suffers from amnesia after coming out of a coma, induced by the train accident that killed her mom. She has no memory of her family or of magic. As soon as she wakes from her coma Morgann tells her she is her new step-mom and ships her off to Bonaventure's Academy, where she learns that she belongs to a world of magic. If only she could just remember. At the academy Lilly learns about her magical abilities, makes meaningful friendships and starts to remember all that she had forgotten. When her life is in danger will that be enough?

    The story of Lilly is very entertaining and by the second half of the book I found it hard to put down. I enjoyed the magical world that was created with crystal ball cell phones and credit cards, flying unicorns, and that actual magic is inherently linked to ones thought process. Deborah McTiernan includes a lot about the importance of believing in yourself, staying positive, being kind and encouraging others throughout the entire novel.

    The story wasn't as strong as the Harry Potter Series or the Septimus Heap series but it has a lot of potential. I feel like some of the story was sacrificed in order to introduce you to Lilly's world and to set the base for a series. If that is the case I can certainly see the next book in the series knocking it out of the park now that the stage has been set. Even though Lilly Noble & Actual Magic didn't blow my mind I would happily continue reading the series and would recommend it to fellow readers. I do look forward to see what happens to Lilly and friends and was sad to see the book end so quickly!

RATING: 3.5/5

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