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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: Witch Finder

 Witch Finder
By Ruth Warburton

Witch Finder (Witch Finder, #1)

    Luke has waited his entire life to join the brotherhood of witch hunters. Ever since he saw his parents murdered at the hands of a witch. Now he is finally old enough. He has passed the first two tests, now he just has to pass the third and final test. Kill the witch that he randomly picks from the book of witches.
And isn't it just his luck that he picks a sixteen year old witch with some very powerful ties. It's the witch or him in a fight to the death. Only one of them can survive.
Rosa's family is on the brink of bankruptcy and she is to be married off so that her cruel brother and uncaring mother can gain power, status and riches. All she wants is to be free. Free to use her magic, ride her horse. Free to be her own person.
Can Luke kill Rosa and finally join the brotherhood? Or will he lose himself instead?

    Ruth Warburton's Witch Finder is a harsh look at the world in a brutal time.
    In a time where women have no rights and must marry for power and for the sake of their family there is a hint of Austen in this tale. Rosa wants nothing more than to be free. Free of her mother, free of her brother Alexis and certainly not married off to the cruel Sebastian. But that is not an option for her.
    The story of Luke, the novice Witch Hunter and Rosa, the beauty filled with magic and with ties to the most powerful witches in the world, is a predictable one. The kids from opposite sides of the tracks fall for one another. Very Romeo and Juliet and not done particularly uniquely or well.
    The brutality towards women and animals is stomach turning in it's detail. Although it accurately desplays the psychotic nature of Sebastian I would have liked a warning as to how graphic some of the violence would be. It was a bit disgusting and somewhat unnecessary.
    Overall I was disappointed with Witch Finder. I will not read the others in the series and I don't recommend it.
Rating: **/*****

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