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Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: Impostor (Variants #1)


Variants #1 
By Susanne Winnacker
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)


Admit it, you've thought about it. What if there are those among us that were just a bit... different? What if there DNA allowed them to do things us "normal" humans could not? And what if the Government not only knew about it but utilized these people to help solve crime and protect our country.
Tessa is one of those people that have a variation in their DNA. She can shape shift into anyone she has touched. Alec is faster and stronger than humanly possible. And now it is up to them to help solve the mystery of a serial killer in a small town community.


Imposter was a fabulous fun read that l couldn't put down.
    A little bit X-Men, a little bit Fringe, a hint of Nancy Drew and then something entirely it's own... Sci-Fi fans looking for a good beach read should look no further.
    I am a big fan of mystery and thrillers. Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown were staples in my hose growing up. As I have gotten older I have gotten into the grittier mysteries like you can find on Bones and Criminal minds. Young adults that are starting to get into grittier mysteries will certainly enjoy Imposter.
    The crimes are gruesome but don't go into to much gory detail for those that are squeamish. And then there is the hunt for the killer. Is it the brother of Madison, the girl Tessa is posing as? Or could it be her ex-boyfriend, who hasn't gotten over their breakup? Then there is the creepy kid in class who is always staring at her... and there is something about her English teacher too... You will turn page after page not realizing how late it is or how much time has gone by as you follow Tessa and Alec in their hunt to find a killer, before he kills Tessa too.
    I really liked the character of Tessa. Disowned by her mother because of her variation Tessa lives at the FEA. That kind of abandonment leaves scars on the soul and Susanne Winnacker deftly portrays the pain of abandonment with Tessa. She is sad and lonely and seeks companionship to replace the family she never had. When she is tasked with shape shifting into Madison and picking up living where Madison left off of course it is easy for her to loose her sense of self and want to become Madison permanently. Who wouldn't want to escape into someone elses life when they had everything you ever dreamed of.
    Alec is definitely a swoony boy that you will adore. Torn between what he is told is right and his heart anyone who loves a love story will enjoy Alec's struggle to resist falling for the girl he knows is off limits. And although things don't get too steamy there are a couple of nice kissing scenes involved too.
    Imposter is more than just a Sci-Fi thriller. It is a coming of age story that everyone can connect with. There are things in all of our lives we wish were different, sometimes we look at people and wish we could switch places with them. We think life would be easier. But everyone has their own personal battles and you have to be strong enough to be yourself.
    I can't wait for the next book in the series and I will definitely continue following the story of Tessa and Alec.
Rating ****/*****

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