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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review: Venture Untamed

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Series: The Venture Books #1
Release date: January 5th 2014
Publisher: Morning Gate Press
Purchase: Amazon 

Venture Delving is a bonded servant, a member of the lowest class in the world. Already fatherless, when he loses his mother, he veers from energetic to out of control. But when Venture's rage saves the life of Jade, his best friend and his master's daughter, Venture finds himself in the last place he ever expected—a center renowned for training young boys to be professional fighters.

When Venture realizes he's fallen in love with Jade, he knows that the only way he'll ever have her, the only way he'll ever be free to live the life he's meant to live, is to defy convention, common sense, the trust of those he cares about most—and sometimes the law—and become the best fighter in the world, the Champion of All Richland. Venture must battle not only rival fighters, but the ghosts of his past and the members of a privileged warrior class who stand between him and his dream.

  R.H. Russel is a master of story telling. With Venture Untamed she breathes new life into a tale of rising above ones class.  Venture Untamed is a beautiful novel about not accepting the role society has placed you in and continuing to believe that you can rise above it and become whatever you dream. 

    Russel's experience as a professionaly trained fighter (18 years of training in Judo and Martial Arts!) is palpable through the tale of Venture. This is not one of those novels that revolves around a subject and it is clear that the author has no personal experience with the subject of which they are writing. The life experience behind the story is abundantly clear throughout the entire piece and brings a level of truth to it that most novels nowadays simply don't have anymore. They say too write well, write what you know and Russel has proved why this is such sage advice. The fight scenes are so artfully written that you feel as if you are in the fight right along side Venture.

    Although the beginning proved to be a bit slow once I really got into Venture Untamed I found myself lost in the world Russel created. Venture is a protagonist that has a heart of gold but no matter what he does it never seems to be right. I can't help but get behind a protagonist that dreams big, loves truly and rises above what fate seemingly has in store for them.

   Overall Venture Untamed is a book that Adults and Young Adults a like can sink themselves into.



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R.H. Russell has been on the mat with talented young fighters since 1993. Their ambitions, struggles, and triumphs inspired her to write the Venture books. She hopes to share the fascinating world of fighters with readers in a unique way—a way anyone can identify with, because she truly believes there’s a fighter in all of us.
She's having a great time letting Venture and his friends loose to play on the page, writing about brawls and big dreams, betrayal and camaraderie, and of course, Venture and Jade’s forbidden love.
The author also writes the Unicorns of the Mist series as R.R. Russell. Wonder Light (Sourcebooks 2013), the first of these novels for young readers, is out now. Look for The Unicorn Thief in 2014
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